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t1ps.com is a subsidiary of Rivington Street Holdings plc, a London-based publicly-listed media and financial services company. It manages subscription websites and newsletters that provide investment ideas within the small cap arena for different segments of the private investors’ market.

But as t1ps.com developed into one of the leading providers of stock information, the company began to outgrow its systems:

  • updating of content became awkward and management of the customer databases tedious and time-consuming
  • the underlying infrastructure was no longer compliant with increasingly stringent security standards and the sites were suffering from a growing amount of down time

Rivington Street Holdings selected (  )pen to deliver a new solution for its 13 distinct customer facing websites, each with their own design and content. All sites are supported by a single technology platform - Real Commerce™ - that, in addition to being a strong e-commerce solution, has advanced capabilities in the areas of CMS and CRM:

  • a unified content management system and unified user account management across all sites
  • functionality for staff to define which site(s) a particular piece of content is applicable to
  • the entire platform is database driven which means that the content of the sites can be maintained without any support from (  )pen, and template-based newsletters can be created without help from technical staff
  • newsletters are sent with a high performance mailer that can support mailouts to millions of subscribers

The first site went live in September 2009, 6 weeks after contract signature. Thanks to the inherent ability of the platform to support micro-sites, all 12 additional sites were rolled out within the following 3 weeks.

The Real Commerce™ platform allows Rivington Street Holdings to scale online without constraints:

  • the performance and availability of sites has improved dramatically
  • any new features added to the platform are automatically enabled across all sites
  • new sites can be added at will
  • the advanced SEO techniques provided by (  )pen enable growth in search engine traffic to levels far beyond those previously achieved - a particularly challenging task given that most of the content is restricted to subscribers only, and is hence in principle invisible to search engine robots

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